Since the start of Season 2, Apex Legends is growing more prominent

Recalling the old player base that has seemingly been lost in the deepness of the void has been the strategy of Respawn Entertainment for quite a while now. But what’s more important, is that it seems to be working, especially after the discovery of how many players is Apex Legends getting every week.

We know that you would love to hear more about the exact numbers, so let’s probe straight into them.

Since the launch of the second season, Apex Legends has managed to retain a considerable number of its player base with the successful update and content found within. Turning the island into Jurassic Park is the way to go, as fans across the world are mostly excited about it.

Having 8-10 million players is a huge milestone indeed, and we congratulate Respawn Entertainment for the effort, but will this endure in the long term? After each consecutive update, the game is slowly moving to its predesignated position of having tons of players that would love the game by any means.

Having an incremental Player Base phase is simply every developer’s dream. There’s nothing better than watching your game succeed, not a all.

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