Sony to acquire development studios as content becomes more important

Sony won’t hesitate if the path they’re walking requires more content of high importance. Therefore, the company plans to acquire more development studios as time goes by, and it requires a lot more exciting content. PlayStation’s powerhouse will be focusing on bringing a lot better content than you could ever think of.

The only way to focus on better content is if you bring new developing studios into plans. According to a recent report, PlayStation is considering bringing new (mergers and acquisitions) to bring new development companies that will focus on making entertaining software.

Now that we have more prominent names joining the gaming industry, the content will have a huge role in picking up your favorite platform. So, the content will strongly affect the user’s opinion on which platform to pick, as always. Therefore, exclusives will also become more frequent, as there will be a tough fight to clinching those sorts of deals.

Google Stadia’s cloud gaming may destroy some narratives of the most popular consoles nowadays, but will also have to spend some time to improve itself as well. But, knowing that Sony’s next-gen console is on its way, we’ll most probably hear some cloud-based features that are coming with it.

Sony’s next-gen PlayStation won’t necessarily be similar to its predecessors, and will most likely include things never heard of before. However, we’ll have to wait around 6-10 more months to discover more.

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