Spellbreak .27 adds Class Mastery Titles, Better Inventory Management and UI Improvements

Spellbreak may still be developing, but it's walking the right path

Spellbreak is still in its early days in which the developers continuously try to improve the game in any possible way. As such, a new update has been released named “A Seed of a Secret,” which tends to improve the game as a whole.

Everyone that has closed alpha access will have the possibility to order their inventory the way they want, but also receive some reward for their effort. As such, at Class level 8/15/20, players can now get Class Mastery Titles which is entirely skill-based and requires slightly more dedication.

While it is still in Closed Alpha, no one believed that Battle Royale with spells and abilities could become a thing. Well, keep in mind that the game is just available to a certain amount of players, unlike any other BR game.

Furthermore, patch .27 is here to spice the gameplay and mechanics, especially when it comes to inventory management. After listening to player’s feedback, the developers have finally found a balance between picking and dropping items, allowing a faster player reaction. There will be no more struggles in that segment. For a more detailed overlook on the Inventory Management, check out the bulleted-list below:

  • If you hold F when picking up an item on the ground, you can specify where you want to put it in your inventory, including your hot bar slots.
  • Gauntlets in your hot bar will now be auto-swapped if you pick up a higher rarity version. Previously, auto-swap only worked with gauntlets in your hands.
  • You can now drop items from your Hotbar using Ctrl+<NumKey>. For example, pressing Ctrl+3 will unload the item in your 3rd Hotbar slot. These bindings can be changed in the Controls menu.
  • If you try to pick up something when you have no room, you’ll receive an error message about a full inventory.

For full and detailed patch notes, check out Spellbreak’s official Subreddit.

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