Steam News Section showcased Epic Games Store Ad for free

As you know, the exclusive titles and advertising has started a long time ago when Epic Games delved deeper into creating digital redistribution platform for entertainment software. Once everything was settled, exclusive titles began to surface, and the rivalry with the other resellers such as Steam was ignited.

A Redditor has managed to catch a snapshot of the recent news section in which PC Gamer provides an article to all of the Steam users, stating a special discount over a couple of games on the Epic Games Store.

The image was posted on Steam’s Reddit, showcasing the exact subject and description lineup, which as noticed, it leads to PC Gamer’s official website once the link is clicked.

After quite a lot of years and development of Steam, Valve has really forgotten to include some filters of bad influencers and competitors? Should you boil this belief or not is up to you, but there has to be something very suspicious.

Below you can find the official Tweet in which Steam indirectly gives free advertisement placeholder to Epic Games, no matter to who publishes the article.

Recent news tab being used to promote another store from Steam

All of the Curators and News Portals have the power to achieve whatever they want and discover any sorts of info to a substantial number of Steam consumers. Knowing that we’re talking about the biggest user pool, Steam is arguably the most significant digital reseller in the gaming industry.

If this flaw is a word about an issue in the code, that will put their filters to reconstruction. But if it’s a word about an intentional move, then we’ll have to discover a lot more.

Currently, Steam stands among the top favorite despite the fact that Epic Games gives away a ton of free titles and will continue the same sensation until the end of 2019. Given the lack of features, the Epic Games Store is probably far from being as successful as the Steam platform, no matter the titles or revenue share policy.


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