The next Battlefield game most likely to be set in the modern era

Well, you have to follow the current day competitors, or come out with something completely unique

EA’s Battlefield franchise is widely known for traveling through time, with each of the series being released in a different era. Well, knowing that the current BF Series is set in the WW2, are we going to receive a continuation or a complete setting transformation? No one knows the needed answers except for the developers, which still haven’t come out with anything in particular regarding the matter. But we’re here to speculate based on facts, so let’s delve into it.

While there hasn’t been a single confirmation for this accent, the next Battlefield is likely to witness a slightly different taste of gameplay. Battlefield, as always, operates with intense gameplay, unlike any other shooter video games. From animations to weapon arsenal, everything seems quite perfect.

But, its competition such as CoD and other shooters are moving towards a military sim aspect. That puts us to a belief that EA DICE will adopt the same perspective and make it unique. It simply thrusts the idea of the developers into something different, because of the success the other competitors have.

Battlefield Slight Comparisons and Proofs

Compared to the previous release dates of the BF franchise series, the next Battlefield inflicts a release date somewhere in 2020. Each of the series has been released on an approximate period of 2 years. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next Battlefield series continues the tradition.

DICE hasn’t discovered anything regarding the upcoming Battlefield series that could potentially be taken as a shred of strong evidence. However, if you take a look of the recent inventions in the gaming industry, including successful titles, everyone is leaning towards a current-day setting or a fantasm, implying on a futuristic setting.

Battlefield 4 was such a perfect game title, and even if it’s old, it is still gold. Even if the developers at Dice decide to continue the historical journey and transfer it into experience, they should actively account the success of today’s game titles. Again, more of them are set in the modern-day era rather than the historical counterparts.

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