Where to search for the Tiny Rubber Ducky in Fortnite?

14 days of summer challenge, Summertime Splashdown loading screen

We’re almost at the end of the 14 days of summer challenges, and today’s challenge is probably the most interesting one. Requires to visit a single location at which a little rubber ducky is hidden. Unlike the one from yesterday, this is entirely different.

So, where exactly is the tiny rubber ducky located? We’ll be providing a couple of images, including a map image so that you could understand where it’s hidden and complete the challenge a lot easier.

Tiny Rubber Ducky Location

First of all, let’s take a look at the image of the map below, in which the exact location of the small rubber ducky is highlighted.

At that exact location, there will be a bathtub, which is hard to miss. In the bathtub, a small tiny rubber ducky is hiding. Check out the image below for further explanation.

The bathtub is located in the middle of the picture, and that is precisely where the tiny rubber ducky is placed. Once you get to it, you need to search it, as the challenge requires you to.

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