WoW: The Eternal Palace World First Race is Live

Well, you can watch it here, too!

Now that Battle For Azeroth is live with the mythic difficulty of its fourth Raid in total, notorious guilds across the world are ready to tackle it. They will be fighting for the World’s First title for completing the Eternal Palace raid first. Who will be the first one to defeat Queen Azshara?

The NA region has the upper hand because of the earlier reset, while the EU region has to wait until tomorrow when the actual mythic difficulty of the Eternal Palace raid kicks off.

That is also the moment when Method, one of the most successful guilds in WoW in general, will also anticipate the high-end instance. From Heroic splits to tedious wipes and hard mythic encounters, we’ll be seeing everything from the start to the end.

If you’re curious where to watch the Eternal Palace World First Race, we’ve got you covered. You can do it so by watching Method’s stream on Twitch or stay tuned on this page where the actual live stream is on. Just as a reminder, Method’s participants are live-streaming their own gameplay, so if you’re interested in seeing their personal setup, feel free to browse WoW’s repository on Twitch.

The very last Crucible of Storms World First Race Winner was a guild from EU, Pieces, while the ones before, Uldir, and Battle of Dazar’alor belonged to Method. Being the fourth Raid Instance in Battle For Azeroth, this will be quite entertaining to watch.

Keep in mind that now we know an old god has been awakened. N’zoth is here to shatter fears, and possibly become one of the upcoming contents in WoW.

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