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Dota Underlords August 2nd Update: Players won’t drop the Divine Rapier if they lose to a clone

As usual, for a new game with a pretty much rushed development, it is kind of usual to see having some issues that will be most likely fixed during the coming course. In this example, Dota Underlords, which is cleansing any sort of baddie inside the code. Valve is doing a great job within a scale of development and content at the same time.

As such, Valve has released a second update during this month, being 3 days deep into. Let’s see all of the changes coming to Dota Underlords this weekend. One of the most exciting patch notes is the change of how Divine Rapier Works.

If you’re a Dota 2 player, you already know the fact that the Divine Rapier is the best item granting insane damage output to its carrier. But, there may be some consequences, as with such power they always come along. If the carrier is killed, the Divine Rapier is dropped on the ground and could be picked by the enemy team.

The mechanic reflects in Dota Underlords, whereas if the carrier loses around while having a Divine Rapier on some of his heroes, he drops the divine rapier to the opponent. Well, not any longer, as it no longer works against clones. With the latest update, this mechanic is present only in head-to-head matches, which is a lot fairer.

For more details on today’s patch notes, check the section below:


  • Some code that didn’t use to crash had started crashing. That problem is now fixed.
  • Fixed issue with finish-in-top-3 achievement.
  • Fixed issue with Brawny kills not being tracked.
  • Fixed issue with win-rounds achievement.
  • Fixed issue where Divine Rapier could be lost or won when fighting a clone. It can now only be lost in head-to-head combat.
  • Fixed issue with Poaching Knife giving extra gold.
  • Fixed an issue with Proto Pass items not unlocking immediately.


  • Demon Hunter Alliance: extra Pure Damage only applies at Level 2 of the alliance. Extra Pure Damage is now +50% for all Demon Hunters regardless of number of Demons on the board.
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