Escape From Tarkov Implements BattlEye to Fight Against Cheaters

A big bite of enhancement right there, isn’t it? Battlestate Games has finally decided to include a third-party anti-cheat software in Escape From Tarkov, and that is BattlEye. BattlEye is usually among the premium choice by many developers in the shooting genre. Escape From Tarkov, one of the cruelest and most realistic survival games, is finally about to provide an enjoyable gameplay experience to everyone. This is neglecting the “he said, she said” situation on the official forums.

It is about time to say Goodbye to all of the third-party software users, or hackers, or cheaters. Hacking in a video game has had become a very complicated thing, and it is way past beyond basics. Instead of focusing on developing a self-made anti-cheat, the company can now finally focus on creating new content rather than losing its momentum over minorities.

The technical update is almost finished, and everyone has praised the move and greeted the deciding moment of bringing this anti-cheat to Escape From Tarkov. The fan’s favorite shooter is finally about to co-op to the very best shooter video games out there.

Update: According to the most recent tweet, the update will be extended for up to 30 minutes. It is a great time to be alive, and we’re looking forward to what BattlEye can do in co-op with Battlestate Games.

In the past, Battlestate Games have been facing multiple threats by unproven hackers, who have been banned by misconception, leaving the developers without firm evidence for proving the offense.

After this addition, the environment will undoubtedly change as it will impact a whole broad population of players and servers to contribute for robust gameplay experience.

For this very reason, a lot of retired agents are most likely to make a return and continue their journey throughout the post-war atmosphere in Tarkov, scavenging the good remains of it. Another strong move ahead of the 0.12 update, which is scheduled to migrate to a whole new Unity Engine and appraise the benefits of it.

We also have some strange senses regarding patch 0.12, which may also be the update to bring the long-awaited Open World in Tarkov. Knowing that we have BattlEye in some of the most popular Open World video games out there, this wouldn’t be a surprising move at all.

Escape From Tarkov somehow needs encouragement to go Open-World and induce the need to explore to each survivor in the game. With the addition of “Hideouts”, it wouldn’t be of a surprise to see this move by Battlestate Games.

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