Fans furious over Death Stranding’s Gameplay Reveal at Gamescom 2019

There’s always a little bit of backlash regarding specific steps taken by developers in video games. Hideo Kojima’s latest discovery about Death Stranding has brought the fans of his dedication and work into oblivion. Even if there were three video trailers to satisfy their hunger somehow, none of them showcased nor hinted the storyline.

The gameplay can be found below, which similar to the first one discovered during a Livestream session, doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The storyline remains completely absent, except for a couple of in-game features including UI and HUD during the gameplay reveal. Below you can find the gameplay trailer published during Gamescom 2019.

What baby is that? We’ve seen the mother’s discovery that’s an actual mother of the baby born on the other side too. However, Hideo Kojima has discovered nothing about the story, except that he stated the main goal in the game is to connect the world. But again, what are the creatures or sorcery that’s invading the whole world?

Yes, you can pee in the game, and you won’t see Norman Reedus penis while doing so because of the dynamic camera. But the facts are missing for the fans to feel the completion and calm their inner side.

To whom belongs the baby Norman Reedus carry? Is it his? It certainly feels so as in one of the footage showcased today he seems attached to it, or is the relationship caused based on the time spent with him? You can take a look at the Deadman and Bridge Baby Trailer below:

The Mama (played by Margaret Qualley is also a discovery to the fans, for which discovers her bond with her “other realm child.” Overall, the game induces a gap of cinematic exposition.

More watching than playing

No one knows the certainty of the gameplay material, nor its longevity. During the chances of predisposition in its previous appearances, Hideo Kojima decided not to spoil anything. It seems like the developers want to maintain strong psychology over the fans and make them think the game is breathtaking.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but nothing of the given material bends to such content, which is why the fans have opened up their vent.

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