Fortnite: Rift Beacon under construction at Dusty Depot

The recently updated location in Fortnite and the recovery of the old looking Dusty isn’t the endpoint of Season X. Within the previous weeks, Epic Games has introduced us to a feature that brings changes in some regions of the map. That feature is called Rift Beacon, somewhat serving as an unstable time machine.

The same sensation will continue, as Rift Beacons will keep appearing in different areas of the map during Season X. Most recently, the freshest addition of the Rift Beacons has been noticed in Dusty Depot (old Dusty Divot), which is clearly in preparation to launch.

If you’d love to witness the Rift Beacon by yourself, make sure you head inside the north most warehouse in Dusty Depot.

The construction consists of multiple phases, for which at the end launches a beam to the sky. Then, after a brief period of activity, the area where the Rift Beacon is located is exposed to changes. In this case, Dusty, the best place that could face reconstruction during Season X.

Epic Games will probably continue creating the same journey throughout the current season, preparing Rift Beacons across different areas on the Fortnite Island.

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