Fortnite Season 10 Full List of Leaked Cosmetics

When we’re at leaking video game content, Fortnite is probably the most dominating game not only in the genre but in the whole gaming industry. The amount of interest it gets throughout each season is of high importance as it is probably the highest ever noticed.

Now, we’re at the most sensitive part of the whole Fortnite Community, and that is what the cool kids love to hear about throughout these days. That part in Fortnite is the Cosmetics, for which most of the kids nowadays ask their parents for a contribution to acquire their next best-looking skin.

Throughout each season, new cosmetics are being released to further comply with the current theme of the game.

Now, back to the main subject, thanks to data miners across the world, we have already managed to establish a firm ground and discover a good portion of the following content in Fortnite. We believe that Epic Games started to encrypt their updates heavily, but a here and there miss is possible.

This allows data miners to bank from, and publish the following content ahead of the developers. Speaking about one of our favorite data miners, Lucas7yoshi, he has managed to discover a lot of the skins coming within Season 10.

Below you can take a look at the official Tweets, which are holding images of coming cosmetics in Fortnite.

Now, having you as a reader, what are your thoughts on the coming skins in Fortnite? Have you maybe already found your favorite that will represent your character during this season?

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