Fortnite Season X Includes an exceptional amount of challenges

I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve been bored in the past couple of Fortnite Seasons except for Season 9. But now, in Season X, Fortnite will be by far more entertaining but grindy, considering the number of challenges found within.

Data miners have been working really hard to designate all of the types of challenges coming to Fortnite. They’ve managed to find all of the assets from beginning to end, and have already published a good amount of challenges, without the weekly ones.

This may also induce a tedious outcome, from which players will feel overwhelmed by the number of challenges presented within Season X.

Hypex strikes again, one of the most famous Fortnite data miners in the world. He has posted a couple of images showcasing the exact subjects and tasks given within each set of challenges in Fortnite’s Season X.

Below you can find all of the challenges leaked within three different tweets.

This is yet another reason why Fortnite is not only growing by developing content to its players but also provoking interest and giving a reason to play their game. As we’ve said before, it may arouse a grindy aspect to the game, but with the emergence and a good amount of rewards, each player will be more than glad to opt into the grind.

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