Fortnite Season X: Where to destroy stop signs with the Catalyst Outfit

The 10 Season of Fortnite has already started, and we undergo with the tasks and challenges, as there will be numerous of them. It is quite amazing to see Epic Games using a different approach on challenges with each new season, with Season 10 including many of those variations. Today’s mysterious challenge, however, is the challenge asking to destroy Stop Signs found on Fortnite Island.

As much as tedious as it sounds, this challenge is very straightforward to complete, and the only problem we’re currently seeing is the other players on the map finishing the challenge ahead of you, making the Stop Signs absent.

The challenges are also working differently. Players are given a set of predefined challenges, but not all of them for a particular week. To obtain the remaining challenges, you will need to complete the predefined ones to proceed further.

The only additional requirement to complete this challenge is to have the Catalyst skin equipped, which is a Battle Pass Tier 1 reward for this Season.

For that reason, we’ll give you the right locations of all Stop Signs, which will help you finish the challenge within your designated period.

Where to find Stop Signs in Forntite

Stop Signs are the most accessible object to see in the area of Pleasant Park. Once you’re inside the town, you will notice a bunch of them, to the extent that you cannot miss.

The small red dots within the circle are the actual Stop Signs so that you could pinpoint them a lot easier. All you need to do is glide to Pleasant Park. Hopefully, this will utilize your need to complete this challenge, and that more effectively.

Have a friendly Fortnite Season everyone!

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