Fortnite’s v10.10 delay most probably because of Mega Mall’s Revamp

Whenever there’s a new patch coming to Fortnite, there’s usually a message of the day given within the game client itself, indicating some news coming to the game. But, its absence from the news section was somewhat confirming the doubt of today’s v10.10 patch, which in the end appeared to be postponed.

As Epic Games stated, the update was postponed due to a late issue discover within the build itself, leading to a delay. The release of v10.10 has since been kept in secret, as there’s nothing new on the official Fortnite Twitter Profile.

You Won’t Delete my favorite Mega Mall! Nope, you won’t! If you try to, bad things will happen.

Was this the reason for the patch postpone?

The v10.10 Delay

Without knowing the official patch notes, we could assume that it is a word about Mega Mall, or more precisely, the new and revamped version of it. Currently, there’s a Beacon Rift set in Mega Mall, which is bound to lead to a similar trigger just as in Neo Tilted.

But it remains unknown in which direction the time travel will occur. It will either be a takeback to home and native Retail Row or maybe experience a newer version of Mega Mall by taking a time journey to the future. Nevertheless, there’s no specific info on what exactly will happen after the v10.10 update.

If we’re up to assume what caused this postpone, it would be some sort of glitch with the Beacon Rift as it is the most important mechanic in Season X.

This is also very suspicious as the developers’ absence was present, without showcasing any of the changes in the coming soon section. With that being said, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Epic Games deploying the v10.10 surprisingly without notifying the public.

As the Season X storyline shapes, however, the map will endure a decent amount of changes. Among the destined places bound to receiving alteration is Mega Mall, possibly transforming to Retail Row and Paradise Palms diversifying into the old Moisty Mire.

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