Fortnite Week 3 Secret Battle Star Location – Season X

After completing all of the weekly challenges in Fortnite, players are granted with an extra reward that comes in an acquirable form. Once obtained, players gain an additional Battle Pass tier. This week the requirement is the same, for which completing the Leftovers challenges will unlock access to the secret Battle Star.

Secret Battle Stars are hidden across the Fortnite Island, and they become accessible only when all of the challenges are completed. Their desired location is either showcased within a hint in one of the available loading screens.

This time, it is Week 3 of Season X, which adds multiple Limited Time Challenges, named the Leftovers. After their completion, you would like to head towards the location of the hint given within the image. Where is that you may ask? Worry not, we’re here to help you find it.

If you take a look at this week’s loading screen, just below the headlight on the left side of the armored vehicle in the background, there’s Ice Cream image that resembles the one at the SoFDeez Ice Cream shop in the desert area. Having similarities, it was up for us to check it out. After doing so, we can confirm its integrity. Thus, this makes it no longer hidden.

To further clarify the exact positioning of the Secret Battle Star for Week 3, make sure you check the image below:

To make it easier and pinpoint in which building exactly the Secret Battle Star for Week 3 is located, check the image below:

We have received some reports that the Secret Battle Star could be found on the top of the Ice Cream logo, even though for us was located inside. Just make sure you sweep that whole area or even break it if necessary. Have a lovely Fortnite weekend!

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