Fortnite Week 5 Season 10 Secret Battle Star Location

Now, just as in any other week, after completing all of the weekly challenges in Fortnite, there is a catch. That would be acquiring the hidden battle star and gaining extra Battle Pass levels. Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing in Fortnite? Well, since we’re in Week 5, let’s take a look of where precisely the secret Battle Star is hidden.

Following Fortnite’s way of telling things, the Loading Screen for Week 5 doesn’t showcase a solid hint, but it’s a sort of radiation themed image. However, there’s no background, nor a grayed out Battle Star anywhere on it. But, wait a minute, there’s always a hidden gem to be noticed.

If you zoom on the left side of the image, you will quickly notice something strange within the leaked colors. Yes! There are coordinates given within. Those are E78 and F78. Now that we have the map coordinates, we could connect the dots and see where that takes us to.

That’s a very known location in Fortnite. Well, just on the outside of that house, there would be the Secret Battle Star. Once obtained, you will be granted with extra Battle Pass Levels. To simplify this guide further, take a look at the screenshot below:

We couldn’t chew this more for you to understand, so hopefully, you won’t find any troubles while doing so. Have a beautiful day in Fortnite everybody!

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