OG is the first back-to-back Dota 2 TI 9 Champion

Dota 2’s most prestigious tournament has come to a closure. With it, a new champion was born. Team OG has managed to achieve the endorsement title of being the first back-to-back TI winner in the history of Dota 2. While everyone believed Team Secret would be the right team to pair against OG, it turned out to be the opposite.

After the first loss, Team OG won 3 consecutive rounds in the Bo5 series, clinching the win and securing the first place at the tournament. Team OG has shown such grace and passion towards the game but also proved the possession of the knowledge.

In each perspective, on today’s day, Dota 2’s core gameplay was somewhat redefined by Team OG. Once they gain a slight advantage and feel confident, they tend to run down their opponent without any concern. Even if Team Liquid tried to replicate that in the 4th matchup, they failed to do so.

Without further ado, you can find the final moments of the tournament in the video below:

Congrats to Team OG for the “concrete solid” performance, and we wish them even more success in the future.

David Goodwin

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