Pokemon Go New Shadow Pokemon Forms Added

Trainers, 20 new Shadow Pokemon forms have been discovered in the GM file and it looks like we’re getting a new wave very soon.

There are 37 Shadow Pokemon currently available in the game and with the latest discoveries in the GM file and the 20 new Shadow Pokemon, the list might be getting bigger very soon.

Pokemon Go New Shadow Pokemon

Below you can find the list of the new Shadow Pokemon discovered in the GM file. We expect to see them this weekend, but nothing is confirmed yet.

  1. Kangaskhan
  2. Diglett
  3. Dugtrio
  4. Rhyhorn
  5. Rhydon
  6. Rhyperior
  7. Murkrow
  8. Honckrow
  9. Gible
  10. Gabite
  11. Garchomp
  12. Krabby
  13. Kingler
  14. Shellder
  15. Cloyster
  16. Geodude
  17. Graveler
  18. Golem
  19. Hippopotas
  20. Hippowdon

A new version 0.151.0 is available, so we might see the new Shadow Pokemon when they push it. For those curious, here is the APK Mirror.

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