Remedy’s Control with a brand new trailer sets up the scene

Check Out Control's Latest Setting the Scene Trailer

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games are proud to have released a brand new trailer for Control. Control is an upcoming third-person action-adventure sci-fi game which revolves around the Federal Bureau, first discovered by IGN with an intense 13 minutes of narrative gameplay.

Salvation upon New York is mandatory, as Remedy Entertainment is seeking a way to repopulate its trust among the players. With the first gameplay scent released, players will need to fight a way through the otherworldly threat and master a combination of supernatural abilities.

As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to relive the story of Jesse Faden and set a personal loadout that will serve as useful in every reactive environment. The world in Control is quite unpredictable, which may lead to a series of unexpected events for which you, as a player, need to diminish.

Control is the next-gen adventure shooter that resembles previous projects of Remedy Entertainment, for which players were first excited. Lots of players expect to be similar to Alan Wake, and you will be destined to clinch the outcome and discover what mystery is upon New York.

Not to mention, the game looks way too creepy judging by the trailers and having the chance to experience it at E3, we can somewhat confirm the game is about to have a strong narrative and exceptional combat mechanics, for which the players will feel satisfied.

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