Teamfight Tactics Update 9.15B Cheat Sheet

Teamifght Tactics cheat sheet remains the same, with a slight strike of changes

Even if Riot Games has decided to swap a couple of variables in their code, the core game and itemization focus remains the same. The Lineup creation always has the same emergence, while the items may bring a slight boost to the current composition.

But, to find the perfect balance between items and Legends (classes), players are needed detailed guidance that will help them on the mission to success. Therefore, according to our previous cheat sheet article compared to the latest changes, there aren’t that many elements to note about.

The Cheat Sheet somewhat remains the same, as Scarra published it on Twitter. Below you can find both of the Origins – Classes and Items cheat sheet, which will help you determine a good strategy, no matter on your current level of expertise.

Teamfight Tactics Origins and Classes

Below you can find the starting point of the guide, in which the classes and origins are clearly explained. This will provide you a better designation towards the creation of the composition, from the weaker starting units to end-game.

Teamfight Tactics Items Cheat Sheet

Even though some of the items have changed, the importance of them remains the same.

The items showcased above remain perpetual, and will probably circulate the same meta, with a slight set of changes that doesn’t necessarily mean will require significant changes.

With all of the synergies and items being showcased above, now you can work your way towards the best composition and itemization. The core items such as the B.F. Sword, Recurve Bow, Chain Vest, Negatron Cloak, and others are best combined with the items enlisted under the tree table.

A piece of common knowledge that may help you become a master in Teamfight Tactics.

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