Where to Spray Different Gas Stations in Fortnite – All Locations

Gas Stations are very easy to spot in Fortnite as their size is quite noticeable. However, it is always more comfortable when you have prepped for what’s to come. As the new challenges arrived, players need to complete them in change for rewards and Battle Tier upgrades. Therefore, let’s take a look at the locations of the Gas Stations in Fortnite.

This guide should help you designate all of the Gas Pumps, which not only would help newcomers but people who don’t necessarily explore the island frequently.

For that goal, let’s take a look where the Gas Stations are located.

We believe we have covered all of the locations of Gas Stations in Fortnite, but if we missed some, make sure you give us a heads up in the comments below. Without further ado, below, you can find an image in which all Gas Stations are pinpointed.

To complete this challenge successfully, you need to use your spray emote over 3 of the gas stations. We can conclude this guide as successful, so have a nice Fortnite Weekend!

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