WoW Classic World First Race to Level 60 Leaderboards

The race in which the first player gets his character to level 60 wins is getting closer to an end. Some of the most famous players and Twitch streamers are about to ding level 60. JokerdTV, the leading player is currently sitting at level 59 on his mage, with a steady pace on his path towards 60. This is the last stretch he needs to do.

JokerdTV firmly has the number one position with its current progress, being at least a level away from the second WF contender. Leveling is not easy in World of Warcraft, especially in the sense of content to viewers. The opposite faction could be tackling you once in a while to delay your progress for unknown reasons.

Method’s Stream is also tracking a record of any recent activities, so if you’d love to enrich yourself of a recent change, make sure you visit this link.

The event is getting closer to an end, knowing that the whole top 10 is in the sixth decade.

The current WoW Classic level leaderboards are as follows (might be off the hook due to latency).

10 and more people are coming to a run closure. Next stop would be Ragnaros! Congrats to Jokerd for achieving World First to Level 60 in WoW Classic.

Player Level
Jokerd 60
Icene 60
Leshraque 60
Maslt 60
Phatez 60
Ten 60
liliiiliii 60
Bz 60
Theowl 60
Nanettie 60

The race is expected to continue for at least one more day. WoW Classic is all about nostalgia. It is also one of the core reasons why we’re playing it. It has become a part of us during the early days, and traveling throughout its path once again is quite refreshing.

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