Cube World is coming to Steam on September 30, Classes, Specs and more

Wolfram von Funck, the developer of Cube World, the game that went through a massive disappointment in 2013 during its separate launch is ready to retaliate with a proper start on Steam. Cube World will become available on Steam during this month, September 30, and finally release its sell on the most popular digital reseller.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Cube world is a voxel-based action role-playing game that has begun its development during 2011. After that, the game has become available through Picroma’s official website, for later to prohibit purchases.

Now, the game is in a completely different stance than before, and according to Picroma, it is ready to continue its journey. We love to compare Cube World to WoW, simply because of its Classes and Specifications perspectives. Each player can choose between a Rogue, Mage, Ranger, and Warrior, each having two different specs at player’s will.

Rogues can choose between Assassins and Ninjas, Mages can choose between Fire Mages and Water Mages, Rangers can choose between Snipers and Scouts, and Warriors can choose between Berserkers and Guardians.

Each spec offers a different set of abilities helpful in overcoming opponents. The beautiful world of Cube World, or dive deeper inside its dungeons and gather the necessary gear to become more powerful. Leveling is also a thing, so your character benefits multiple attributes during level up.

Multiple streamers have started streaming the game on Twitch, and as it seems so far, the game is entirely polished unlike back in 2013. It offers a good set of fun when played with friends.

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