Fortnite 10.40 to revamp the matchmaking system, Bots coming in Season 11

Fortnite will finally reinvent its matchmaking system, allowing a better progression and fairer gameplay to everyone in the game. As per Epic Games’ latest statement regarding the matter, the aim is to equalize the player skill so that it becomes fairer for everyone. Aside from Arena, this is also a plan for the normal matchmaking, simply because there is a massive gap between player skill.

Furthermore, or maybe it serves as an “alibi” due to the recent player loss, Fortnite will add BOTS in the coming Season. Artificial Intelligence found within the best BR nowadays could be a sacrificial move. Now, why an alibi precisely? Maybe the player loss has been an indicator of the skill gap between players in public matches. Due to this reason, Epic Games may not only add BOTS to the game but also promote them in live matches. They may remain invisible to mid-tier players, but professionals are most likely to encounter them.

Having good AI could be very crucial for the game, both in and out of the online matches. Who would know if the bots are bots? Said, interference with bots may lead to a more significant extinction of the player base, so Epic Games has to be smart regarding this implementation.

Nevertheless, we’ll have to witness the change and then judge on the subject.

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