Fortnite Champion Series Day 2 NA EAST TOP 10 Leaderboards

As Europe is slowly and tiring finishing with the HEAT 4 matches, NA East has already caught up and almost finished their journey. With that being said, we are very close to finding out the finalists that will be able to measure their strength. And guess what, according to the current scoreboard, Tfue is among them too.

Fortnite Champion Series is played in Trios, which sets a slightly different gameplay meta. It is kind of refreshing to see trios battling to affirm their presence on the professional Fortnite competitive scene.

As always, we’re covering the top 10 of the leaderboards coming from all heats. Heat 4 is about to start, and once it does we will update the leaderboards as it updates on the official Epic Games website.

Fortnite Champion Series Day 2 NA East TOP 10 Leaderboards

HEAT 2 EU Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
1 Envy Bucke SEN Animal SEN Aspect. 135
2 Tempo CizLucky LiquidChap Liquid Vivid 67
3 SEN Zyufa NRG Zayt Ghost Saf 62
4 TF Cole LZR Legedien LG Neferus 52
5 Nittle casqer smqcked ψ 42
6 MacaroniEater69 Dare SpiroK MacaroniEater71 41
7 CoinFlipTfUp Nic Nobu BfoL2 Empereur 38
8 Jakey Witzz LZR kev 37
9 instinctual not mayo. Evil. 37
10 EvadeTendy Evade Spayde. yLie Mirevz 36

HEAT 3 Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
1 notpandda Secret Fuzzy sto 98
2 TSM_Cloud Ghost thwifo- Ghost Snood 76
3 diuqil adanahk Liquid Fiber 池 Tfue 72
4 TeKae. Tossily Shhneider 52
5 RBK Ando RBK JLove RBK JeRM 52
6 zoreh. jahlyn parpy 51
7 blakeps. J.Storm Tylarzz J.Storm_Painful 50
8 Aircool Cadet Reeloads 43
9 roatdw LZR Hornet tickrss 41
10 100T Klass Ghost Ghoul. TSM EmadGG 38

HEAT 4 Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
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