Fortnite Champion Series Finals Day 2 Top 10 EU Standings

The EU series are already running hiding a lot of surprises behind today’s event. But, as we’re getting closer to the end of EU’s rumble, we’ll traverse to NA East, which is probably one of the most exciting areas to watch. The qualifier of the Fortnite Champion Series is still not over, however.

Unlike yesterday, there will be multiple heats for today. Heat 2, Heat 3 and Heat 4 will all be played out, with a room for tomorrow’s breakdown for the Champion title. Without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s EU standings.

Fortnite Champion Series Europe Top 10 Standings

Below you can find Heat 2, Heat 3 and Heat 4 being played out.

HEAT 2 EU Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
1 RBK Ritz MSF Endretta Pate1k. 77
2 hoppy ツ Clement_ttt Vitality BadSnpR 71
3 HtagG2 Tohaj hREDS BELAEU Kaxie 38
4 E11 itemm LZR Rojo NRG MrSavageM 60
5 DV1 luKi Smileyy artor. 53
6 M10 a1ms0nz x8 . M10 fledermoys 50
7 RS kolorful Daevon1x Ferrrnando1x 50
8 E11 Boyer Fnatic Motor Fnatic Verox 47
9 GO Deadra GO Nyx GO Xoxo 45
10 Primzhy VirsuhhKrusty Aurahh 19

HEAT 3 Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
1 Gambit.fwexY Gambit.letw1k3 Secret_Domentos 76
2 DollarC GL Darkorino GL Snadr 67
3 MCES Andilex MCES Orkh MCES SqualzK 58
4 ARDI gg temper. gg darker. 55
5 frag duze1x. razebtw eKon Fray 50
6 elokratz E11 Klusia Th0masHD 50
7 Baby Belvid LeStream Nayte Atlantis Magin 44
8 Stārlyeu Skāilereu Cāpseu 39
9 Bεαst ViaR Refsgaard haxcore. 39
10 MCES PodaSaï MCES xsweeze MCES Marcote 19

HEAT 4 Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
1 K1nzell Secret_milan crr 43
2 E11 Tschiiinken E11 Stompy COOLER aqua 34
3 黨 krejz Tokar. image 28
4 Osmose Sops LPG. Fateu LPG Lee トム 28
5 Papada Hell HRZ SileenzZ Byk . 26
6 TSM_Crue LG beehive chapix 74 26
7 KOVA Flowdi SliXNL KOVA Aistimus 24
8 JSmoove- justillegal VI Balaskoni 21
9 BMICE Noriaaa Rexoo BMICE Paaqs 20
10 Teekzie COOLER 4zr 是那 lowless 20

The tables above vary according to Epic Games’ official leaderboards.

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