Fortnite Champion Series Season X Finals Day 1 NA EAST Standings

As the Heat 1 of the Fortnite Champion Series progresses through, it is time for the first day in NA East. Those who manage to get themselves through the qualification will participate in the grand final, with a total prize pool of 10 mil dollars. Day 1 hasn’t been full of surprises, but it offered decent gameplay.

With the EU region concluded, it is time to move to NA East, which holds a lot of new players that are quite exciting to watch. Among them, top Twitch Streamers are about to participate, such as Megga, Bugha (Fortnite World Cup Winner), and more.

As always, the TOP 10 standings of the NA East region will be covered by our side and updated them as the event progresses. Below you can find the table holding the top 10 placements for Day 1 of the Fortnite Champion Series Finals.

Fortnite Champion Series Finals Day 1 NA East Top 10 Standings

Position Name Name Name Points
1 SEN Bugha RS clarityG STRETCH 53
2 FaZe Megga. Rogue Eclipsae FaZe Dubs. 40
3 Htag potgxd Mercyfps. 38
4 TSM_Zexrow yung calculator MackWood1x 29
5 foggywindow43529 wizardmuffin285 Cadrent 22
6 Anaax_ sportykid2019 YT.Zimeo 21
7 RS kolorful Daevon1x Ferrrnando1x 21
8 osperatie Kiox. swing 20
9 Jamper chaotic pαper 20
10 Paivers Krusty Angelx 19

The table above varies according to Epic Games official Leaderboards.

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