Fortnite Champion Series Season 10 Finals EU Standings

We have finally come to the final day of the Fortnite Champion Series. This time, the winner will crown itself with something different than just advancement. As the last day undergoes, the EU region is almost finished and is accounted as one of the strongest throughout this whole tournament. As such, we’re here to update its leaderboards, as announced by Epic Games.

As you know, this tournament is slightly different than what we’ve seen in the past of Fortnite. It is played in TRIOs, with a different point system.

In the EU region, it appears that two players of team “E11” and “aqua” are heading towards their goal as they’re 13 points ahead of the second spot, which belongs to EBK Ritz, MSF Endretta and Pate1k.

Below you can find the official TOP 10 of the leaderboards for the final day of the Fortnite Champion Series.

Position Name Name Name Points
1 E11 Tschiiinken E11 Stompy COOLER aqua 76
2 RBK Ritz MSF Endretta Pate1k. 63
3 E11 Boyer Fnatic Motor Fnatic Verox 62
4 G2 Tohaj hREDS BELAEU Kaxie 62
5 TSM_Crue LG beehive chapix 74 54
6 TrainH Falconly TrainH Robabz LeStream TheVic 52
7 E11 itemm LZR Rojo NRG MrSavageM 45
8 DV1 luKi Smileyy artor. 42
9 elokratz E11 Klusia Th0masHD 40
10 FaZe Mongraal . mitr0 NRG benjyfishy 39

It’s been another tough day for Mongraal, benjyfishy and mitr0, even after their success in the HEAT matchup. The tabled above is confirmed according to Epic Games official leaderboards.

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