Fortnite: Visitor’s Rocket may take Players to a new Map

We all have been there in Season 4 when the Visitor wanted to launch a rocket and get rid of Tilted Towers. Luckily for the citizens, that didn’t happen thanks to the Rift that phased the rocket away. But, knowing that Season 10 is somewhat a resemblance to Season 4 and the Visitor is back yet again, this doesn’t give much room but bequeaths us with our own prophecies at hand.

Roughly, the construction of the Rocket Stand has started at Dusty Divot, which is the same spot as Season 4. But not knowing the outcome, we are left with a couple of blank predictions. First of, is the possibility that the visitor is building the rocket to destroy Tilted Towers again.

Second, the Rift Beacons may cause a Black Hole that could eat the planet, and The Visitor is here to save us by transporting us to a new location. There are also some other leaks and predictions of a new map, which may be the route Epic Games is trying to set us on.

If so, then the second prediction could very likely become a reality, and each season decade may bring a new map with a whole new different environment and dynamic. What’s enough is enough. Players have been seeking for a new map for quite a while now, and it would probably be of a massive benefit for Epic Games.

Returning players will surely join the fun on the new map, as you know how they say, the freshest and unknown, the better the diversity it has. Another unread chapter to be written. What do you think about this?

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