Pokemon Go Galarian Forms and A Colossal Discovery event Hinted

Trainers, a new text referring to Galar forms and a new A Colossal Discovery special event has been discovered in the GM file.

A new text hinting at Galar forms has been discovered in Pokemon Go’s GM file, which means that Pokemon from the Galar region are coming very soon. Take a look at the code below.

Galar Pokemon

  • string Key = “galar_pokedex_header”
  • string Translation = “Galarian Form”

Now, as we all know there are different Pokemon regions and the Galar region is one of them. According to Bulbapedia:

In the Galar region, a species’ regional form is referred to as its Galarian form (Japanese: ガラルのすがた Galar form). A Pokémon in its Galarian form is described as Galarian — for example, Weezing in its Galarian form is referred to as Galarian Weezing. Unlike in Alola, Pokémon from beyond Generation I have known Galarian forms, and there is at least one known case of an evolution exclusive to a Galarian form Pokémon, Obstagoon.

Take a look at the Galar forms below.




Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d – not technically a Galarian Form, Sirfetch’d is Farfetch’d’s Galar Region only evolution!

Obstagoon – not technically a “Galarian Form” of an existing Pokemon, Obstagoon is the evolution of Galarian Linoone.

A Colossal Discovery

A new text hinting a new event has also been discovered, and it looks like this will be a Special Research featuring Regiggas – as this Pokemon is the Colossal Pokemon. Take a look at the text below.

  • string Key = “general1.ticket.1_description”
  • string Translation = “A ticket to access the “A Colossal Discovery” special event on {0} from {1} to {2} local time, wherever you are.”

That’s all for now, so get aboard the Galarian Hype Train and enjoy the ride.

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