Gears 5 will have quite a larger map than any of its predecessors

It’s not a coincidence, not at all. We’re just a couple of days before the release of Gears 5, the game that’s managed to raise attention among the fans of the shooter genre. At this year’s Pax West, it was already discovered that Gears 5 would offer a map more significant than in any of the predecessor series.

With a margin wider for approximately 50 times, the-long running series would crown its campaign in a way like never before. This would diversify the gameplay content itself, making it bigger and better of quality gaming nature.

According to The Coalition, having a bigger map would encourage players to explore the map. This will intensify the gameplay, but also contribute to that bit of missing content players always had. As the Coalition’s Rod Fergusson stated, the map would contain plenty of close-quarter sections for what Gears 5 is known for.

David Goodwin

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