In-game Leak shows the “return” of the Visitor – New Fortnite Skin

As you may all know, the Visitor was part of the game in the very early days of Fortnite. Presumably, the reason why Fortnite’s Live Events have become so popular. As we’re unveiling a new plot throughout each season, this is the “lost in time” era. The Visitor who has been a part of Fortnite’s Season 4 has decided to give us a visit once again.

The Visitor is arguably one of the best skins in Fortnite, with multiple edit styles. But, despite knowing his presence in the current Season, his evolution remains unsettled. Data miners have discovered that The Visitor will make a return to Fortnite with a new look.

Quite contrary to its original look, The Visitor has evolved into something more dangerous I would say. Jokes aside, Fortnite is hiding that a new Visitor Skin would probably arrive in Fortnite, named Visitor Volta. Its first look was caught today by Lucas7yoshi, a famous Fortnite data miner.

Below you can find the leak by Lucas7yoshi.

As you can see, the Visitor Skin now has a glaive on the left arm. During his absence, the Visitor has probably been on a far more advanced world than what Fortnite is at this era. Therefore, he could afford for costume upgrades as to assign his firm dominance in today’s Fortnite.

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