Pokemon Go List of Gen 5 Pokemon Coming Sept. 16

Trainers, Pokemon Go are teasing Gen 5 Pokemon on their official Twitter account and it looks like they are teasing the first wave of the new Generation 5 Pokemon from the Unova region.

When they announced the Ultra Bonus Week 3 back in August 2019, they confirmed that players will have a chance to battle and catch the following Gen 5 Pokemon and their shiny forms:

  • Klink>Klank>Klinklang + shiny forms in Raids
  • Patrat>Watchhog + shiny forms in the wild
  • Lillipup>Herdier>Stoutland + shiny forms in the wild

They started teasing the Gen 5 wave with a “Who’s that Pokemon” tweets and we believe that the following Pokemon and the ones above will be featured in the first Unova wave:

  • Snivy>Servine>Serperior in the wild
  • Tepig>Pignite>Emboar in the wild
  • Oshawott>Dewott>Samurott in the wild
  • Yamask>Cofagrigus probably a rare Gen 5 Pokemon in the wild

That’s total of 19 new Gen 5 Pokemon coming in September 16 and we expect to see more in the following months as part of upcoming events.

Until then stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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