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Pokemon Go Loss of Spawns Worldwide, Players are not Happy

Trainers, with the spawn change that recently occurred in Pokemon Go, reports are coming in that spawns points are diminished in both rural and urban areas.

Players around the globe who live in a rural and less crowded area are reporting of a loss of spawn points and they are not happy with the recent changes. Some are saying that Niantic is pushing players from these areas away, while some still have hope and are waiting for the spawn points to get back to normal.

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In addition, players who live in an urban/city area are also reporting of spawn loss, saying that they used to have more places with at least ten spawns and now the number has changed to one or two spawns.

Here are some of the reports:

My area is awful now. I work a position on nights that allows me to play (mostly shiny checking) – our atea went from 20-30 mon at any given time to averaging 3. The area around my home is even worse off… we had 5 or 6 spawn points reasonably close and I think there MIGHT be 2 now.

sp4zzy on TSR


About 5 or 6 pokestops near my house lost all spawns. Even a nest in a small park is gone now. Every day I have less incentive to play this game. This is the most sad day in Pokemon go for me so far.

evan_james on TSR


Pretty much every cluster in my city was gutted. Niantic Thanos snapped our spawns. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

Unmemorableham on TSR

Niantic responded with an email, saying that they are always looking for a new way to refresh gameplay and implementing change accordingly and that players from rural areas should stay tuned for further updates.

We know that’s not the answer you would want to hear, but we do think that Niantic is informed about the issue and they are giving their best to fix it…probably very soon.

More info to follow, so stay tuned.


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  1. Guess I live on the flip side of this coin.
    In my area, we had medium spawn. Absolutely NOTHING around my house.
    After the spawn change, I now get at least 3-5 spawn at my house and even more spawning around the village.
    Note that we are classified as Rural. We are 45 minutes out of the city.

  2. While not as bad as it is for rural areas, some urban areas have dropped off as well. All the parks in my town spawn only 1/4 of what they use too even without the number of stops changing. Now it actually seems even more like the game is pay to win because the only way I got spawns the last time I was at the park near my house was because a guy dropped three lures in a cluster of stops. This use to be fun, now it’s just a chore.

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