Pokemon Go Ninja Glitch is Happening Again

What is the gaming world without glitches? Since the beginning of video games, there have always been glitches. Sometimes these glitches can ruin a game, sometimes they can be used as an advantage and often they can make a game most fun.

In the Pokemon Go world, we have seen many glitches, but the latest one is the “Ninja Pokemon” glitch, and trust me, you’re going to love it. Who wouldn’t love a ninja Pokemon in their dex, right?

Pokemon Go players have noticed a temporary glitch that blacks out both captured and wild Pokemon making them look like ninjas.

The latest Ninja Glitch Image Credit marcelsemhp

This is not the first time Pokemon Go players are reporting of seeing the “Ninja Pokemon” glitch. Back in 2016, a few months after the game was launched, a Pokemon Go player who goes by the alias EustaceBaggeee reported of finding a ninja Psyduck in the wild. Take a look.

This is a temporary glitch that isn’t loading the body material associated with the model. They (Niantic) have separate materials for the body and eyes so they can animate the eyes.

It would’ve been cool if they leave out some. I would definitely like to have a ninja Pokemon in my dex!

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  1. Did anyone else notice the name glitch? I caught a couple Pokémon and instead of it saying their names it said pokemon_name_0519

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