Where to Defuse JOKER Gas Canisters Found in Different Named Locations

Fortnite X Batman is now live, and with Gotham City replacing Tilted Towers, we’ll have a couple of challenges to deal with. They all have rewards hidden behind them, so it’s worth making an effort. Among those challenges, there will be the Joker, the grande villain whose actions usually turn into brutality. Apparently, he performed a bad maneuver in Fortnite by placing Gas Canisters across the island.

We do believe the canisters he placed could vary, but recent data miners have discovered that the canisters should hold the same spawn point in each match. Where are those gas canisters exactly?

Within an image, we’ll provide all of the locations of the Loot Canisters scattered across the map. One of the canisters is about to explode on the west side of Loot Lake. The other ones are at Pleasant Park and Mega Mall.

Below you can find the exact locations of the Canisters:

With this, we can conclude this guide as successful. If the canisters rotate per game, then we would update it as soon as possible.

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