WoW Classic World First Ragnaros clinched by APES

APES is the first guild in WoW Classic to achieve World First Ragnaros kill. No matter how long you delay the race, the race is pretty much over. There’s nothing else to be done, and there’s no room left for testing, as the guild APES is now heading towards Onyxia.

Below you can find the final blow of Ragnaros and the beloved loot share. With this, the Method World First Race could also be concluded. They haven’t even achieved level 60 on all of their characters before the Ragnaros kill even occurred. Mass Congrats to APES.

The Alliance composition of Gnomes worked out just perfect.

Congrats to APES for achieving this title and we wish them a brighter future and maybe a strong overcome against Onyxia.

David Goodwin

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