Yakuza: Like a Dragon is Coming to PS4 in 2020

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio are working on a new Yakuza installment called Yakuza: Like a Dragon and they are planning to release it for PS4 sometime in 2020.

Here is an overview of the game, thanks to SEGA:

Yakuza: Like a Dragon For more than a decade, Ichiban Kasuga, a low-level Yakuza member who is trying to show his self-esteem, is introducing a new protagonist for the first time since the series began. The player follows him and his colorful crew as they try to become wealthy in this modern human drama.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is much more than just a new chapter in the Yakuza series. Similar to the new English title, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a complete reinterpretation of the franchise, a milestone coinciding with the series’s 15th anniversary. With most of the game taking place in Ijincho’s large-scale, carefully-crafted backdrop in Yokohama, players will explore a whole new side of Japan that has never been seen before in this series. Not only that but also the combat system has been thoroughly redesigned, combining Yakuza’s proven brawls with a turn-based RPG combat system.


Ichiban Kasuga with the voice of Kazuhiro Nakaya:
From the Arakawa family, belonging to the Tojo clan

Kasuga is a low-ranking member of a lower-ranking family and is asked by his patriarch and father-figure Masumi Arakawa to face murder by the family captain, Jo Sawashiro.

He is released after 18 years of imprisonment when he finds out that the Kamurocho Tojo clan has been exterminated and replaced by the Omi Alliance of Kansai – and that perhaps Masumi Arakawa is behind it. In search of the truth, he meets with his former patriarch.

Masumi Arakawa – Played by Kiichi Nakai, Captain of the Omi Alliance, Patriarch of the Arakawa Family

The former leader of a Tojo clan family reveals his superiors by providing police with internal information about the Tojo clan while they are implementing the “Kamurocho 3K Plan”.

The combination of betrayal and police efficiency eliminates Kamurocho’s Tojo clan and allows the Omi alliance to occupy it and give it the rank of reigning captain in honor of its achievement.

Jo Sawashiro – Played by Shinishi Tsutsumi Lieutenant of the Omi Alliance Captain of the Arakawa Family

Known for his evil nature, also as captain of the Arakawa family during the Tojo Clan Days.

He despises Ichiban Kasuga and the 18-year jail sentence Kasuga serves in his name does not change that. When Masumi Arakawa becomes the reigning captain of the Omi Alliance, he becomes a lieutenant.

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