Call of Duty Mobile is #1 in downloads in multiple countries

No one would’ve believed this success for a mobile game, but it seems like the fans are digging it so far. Another AAA title has reached the Mobile video gaming repository on both iOS and Android, and that is Call of Duty Mobile. Blackout alike, CoD Mobile is developed by Tencent, the very well known Chinese giant in the gaming industry.

Early since its release (1 day ago), CoD Mobile has managed to bolster on the video game charts in multiple countries. More precisely, 33 countries across the world have Call of Duty Mobile as #1 free mobile game in just a day after release.

The game is available both on Android and iOS and shares a similar number of download and feedback digits. On Android, it has over 10 million downloads, which is an insanely huge number to witness. With great anticipation and fantastic feedback, Call of Duty Mobile is seeking a path to break even more records.

Call of Duty Mobile is an enormous video game compared to the existing ones coming within the same genre on the mobile platform. These results are mainly because we’re talking about a free-to-play AAA title, that has managed to surpass the expectations.

The game modes are typical such as on the PC version, and it offers Battle Royale, Deathmatch, and even Zombies. After all, the concept of a video game of this caliber isn’t wrong, though the player belief was leaning towards the opposite.

Now, whether you’re traveling, killing time on your holiday, or having fun with friends, you can still get a firm entertainment coming out of CoD Mobile.

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