Death Stranding is coming to PC, no longer PS4 exclusive

Death Stranding is no longer a PS4 exclusive. Even its first release designates the PS4 platform as the main one, 505 Games will bring everything in their power to bring the weird baby video game to the PC platform too. This announcement has arrived through Kojima Productions’ official Twitter Profile, for which confirms 505 Games will be responsible for its arrival

The first designated release date is November 8, 2019, on the PS4. Later, PC players will receive an opportunity to enjoy playing Norman Reedus as well. The PC version of Death Stranding aims a date of early summer 2020.

Despite the belief that the game was going to be imprisoned to the PS4 platform only, it turned out the opposite. However, the main goal of the game still remains somewhat unknown, which can be both beneficial and hurting for Death Stranding.

Last interviewed, Hideo Kojima discovered the game is about connecting the World. Therefore, a lot of travel is supposed to take place, but player dedication as well.

Nevertheless, Death Stranding is set to release on PC in early summer 2020, so as a PC player myself, I am a bit disappointed as we’ll get to soak everything by watching PS4 players completing the story. Hence, it’s the reason why I hate exclusives in the first place.

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