Donald Mustard changed his Twitter Location to “The End”

It's time to stray away from the original map that was entertaining us for 10 seasons

For 10 Seasons, Fortnite has been keeping the same map making different alterations each Season. As we’re progressing through the end of Season 10, multiple data miners have discovered new entries of new POIs that are supposed to be added in Season 11. This most probably inclines to a new map coming in Season 11. Now, to thicken that thought, Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Epic Games, has also changed his location to “The End.”

Donald Mustard The End

This probably indicates a more significant change that what we’ve seen in the previous 10 Season of Fortnite’s timeline. Donald Mustard has also been known for changing locations before each big Live Event in Fortnite. It doesn’t matter if that is before or at the end of a season. He always hints of an upcoming change that’s of a considerable margin.

Epic Games haven’t discovered anything in particular with the ending of Season 10 and the arrival of Season 11. But one thing remains quite sure. That is the Live Event, which is most probably going to take place on October 15, announcing the arrival of Season 11. That would be the long-awaited Rocket Event.

As fans predicted before and now with the location update of Donald Mustard, Fortnite is going to take the players to a new location. Knowing that Epic Games are of another planet when it comes to delivering new content and phasing through a Live Event, this could be the best Fortnite event ever.

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