Fortnite: Where to Find The Hidden “T” Letter in The Dockyard Deal Loading Screen

The fourth week in Fortnite brings us to letter “T”, which is hidden in this week’s Dockyard Deal loading screen. As always, we would love to mark the letter and let you know where exactly the location of the acquirable item is, so you could settle with this challenge and get that extra Battle Pass level.

These challenges are new to Fortnite and are quite distinct to the Battle Star challenges in the previous Chapter. With that said, let’s take a look of the loading screen and the highlighted letter below:

Dockyard Deal loading screen

Below you can find the loading screen and the zoomed and highlighted version of it so you could find the T letter easier.

It is easy to notice the Letter T at the very top right of the image. However, to make it more prominent to your eyes, check the image below:

Now, this would take us to one place only, and that is Dirty Docks. Dirty Docks is located on the East side of the island and is a named location which makes it hard to miss. While the hidden “T” letter is located on the platform between the two red cranes.

Check the image below to see exactly where.

The only requirement from you as a player is once you unlock this challenge to glide straight to the platform shown in the image above and acquire the “T” letter. After acquiring this letter, there will be four more to spell Fortnite completely.

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