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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Day-1 Update details

Ubisoft has finally revealed the patch notes for the Day-1 update in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Titled as Update 1.0.1, the update aims to improve a lot of features that are somewhat broken and require assistance.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a video game in which you might get lost. No doubt it is most enjoyed when played with friends, as that’s the complete nature of the game. This update will just strengthen that aspect, but also allow the players a much fairer and pleasant gameplay experience.

Performance-wise, the notes lack details on what exactly is changed, but the developers haven’t missed the opportunity to underline the improvement of “performances and optimizations”.

The most important change in this update would probably be the matchmaking stability and the improvement of gun sounds. This patch download is mandatory to play the game, so you might want to check the update notes below:

Breakpoint Title Update 1.0.1 Notes


  • Polished aim assist.
  • Improved performances and optimizations.
  • Improvements to online flows.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Improved voice chat and text chat.


  • Improvements made to some menus for better understanding.


  • Improved gun sounds.


  • Polished matchmaking stability.
  • Polished Elimination and Sabotage game modes.


  • Fixed a number of flow issues (i.e. infinite loading, online errors).
  • Fixed an issue where the mark would remain on a player longer than intended.
  • Fixed and issue where some Milestones were not completed as intended.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the end match screen page.


  • Improved enemy AI detection.


  • Tweaked item spawns and loot placement on maps.
  • Tweaked and improved some weapon balance.


  • Fixed issues where players would get stuck in the world or fall under the map.
  • Fixed issues where players would have character freeze or get stuck after specific actions.
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