Infinity Ward Enables Ground War and Free For All in Modern Warfare

After the massive but shaky launch, Modern Warfare has finally stabilized and is ready to carry on with the scheduled content. As such, Infinity Ward has decided to start swapping game modes, as it was previously promised. It seems like all of the game modes are hungry for balance, and they need a special designation to take care of them all.

What’s the most important thing is that Infinity Ward hasn’t stopped working on its creation. Since the launch 20 hours ago, they’ve just posting novelties related to their product. Activision. Well, it was time to step the pedal to the medal and start adding those diversifying elements that are going to envelop a stronger entertainment level.

The announcement arrived through Infinity Ward’s official Twitter Profile, which confirms the addition of Ground War, but also the removal of Aniyah from 10v10 domination. Free For All is included, as well.

The update on PC is roughly around 7GB of size, and you’ll pretty much have to download it to get access to these game modes.

Now that Modern Warfare put the Ground War game mode in the rotations, it is safe to say it is one of the biggest and most exciting game modes in the series. The name of the mode says it all, as it settles participants of two different teams in an actual warzone.

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