Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek Is The Second Big Streamer To Leave Twitch For Mixer

The new info came just a couple of minutes ago when Shroud has publicly announced that his new home is going to be Mixer. Microsoft’s Livestreaming platform, Mixer, seems to have answers to all of the big streamers and their inquiries. Shroud’s decision to join Mixer may not seem as surprising as everyone believes.

On the other side, Amazon’s Twitch notices a couple of difficulties in retaining its streamer base. Jokes aside, big streamers who are leaning towards migration are most likely going to settle a good deal with Microsoft, before a movement of this caliber is done.

Below you can find the official statement by Michael Grzesiek “Shroud.”

Shroud’s first official stream on Mixer will occur in a couple of hours according to the live countdown on Mixer’s stream. What remains carved in our eyes is Shroud’s disappointment with the recent Twitch stats, which have seemingly drown into the waters.

To salvage whatever he can and keep on the momentum, Shroud seeks a strong establishment and defining path on the new live-streaming platform, Mixer. We guess there will be an energetic duo between Ninja and Shroud, especially in the early launch period of Modern Warfare. Being the first two influential streamers who have joined the Mixer family, this phenomenon may bring even more familiar faces from Twitch.

Shroud’s channel offers a free subscription as a limited time offer. Therefore, if he’s one of your favorite streamers you should consider subscribing for free.

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