Pokemon Go New Image Hinting at Regi Trio

Trainers, a new image hinting at the Regi Trio has been discovered in the network traffic and it seems like Niantic will be releasing the Regirock, Regice and Registeel when the launch the “A Colossal Discovery’ event.

The Regi Trio image has been discovered in Pokemon Go’s network traffic (see the image above, thanks to Pokeminers), which means that a Regi Trio themed event is coming soon, most probably during the long-awaited, limited-time “A Colossal Discovery” event.

There are no details about when these Legendary Pokemon might be joining us, but we expect to see them + their shiny forms (see for comparison below) introduced as part of the upcoming worldwide, ticketed event “A Colossal Discovery,” which will cost $7.99.

Normal/Shiny Regi Trio Comparison

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