PS4’s Cross-Play feature becomes fully available for developers

Sony’s Cross-Play feature on the PS4 platform has become entirely available to developers. Now, each developer could involve himself in creating a beautiful cross-play masterpiece.

The intriguing part of this story is that Sony didn’t promote the change, nor the availability of the cross-play feature. According to IGN UK and a recent interview with Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan, Sony has to be pushing new features and come along with them so it can survive the next-generation platform.

By putting an improved cross-player system in place, Sony wants to take care of and retain its customers without jeopardizing the future of PlayStation. Thus, securing the next-gen platform is more than a goal for Sony, as there are numerous of other competitors that are introducing cloud-based gaming.

Nevertheless, having cross-play available to any developer sounds like an exciting path that could lead to new and exciting game titles. As it seems, Infinity Ward and Call of Duty Modern Warfare are one of the many to have been tinkering with this feature.

Amie Gammons

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