Rainbow Six Siege to get a K9 Operator that will probably make you shoot a dog

The Roster in Rainbow Six Siege is getting very crowded. So far, a lot of Operators are on the field being a player’s hands at any given point. According to recent discoveries made by Ubisoft representatives, we may receive a new sort of Operator which abilities involve a dog. Not any kind of dog, but a special one in which skills and mastery have achieved a very high level.

According to the presentation director Alexander Karpazis, in a recent Wired video, he answers questions about the upcoming period in Rainbow Six Siege. That is content from the Year 4 roadmap, which in the end might involve a completely new K9 unit.

K9 stands for a police dog that is known to have trained and is still assisting the police in special law-enforcement personnel.

Even though Dogs are having a huge role in the real world and they participate as reinforcement in Police actions, they won’t be pleasantly welcomed in a shooting video game such as Rainbow Six Siege. First of all, no player would love to be a dog killer. It doesn’t matter if it’s in-game or out of it, it still gets quite disgusting to even talk about it.

So far, K9 unit hasn’t been released in Rainbow Six Siege. Players are still tinkering with the same Operators from Year 3. For that reason and to spice things up further, it won’t be surprising to see Ubisoft bringing a different game in year 4.

New operators have always been exciting, but having dogs as a special ability… we wouldn’t say so.

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