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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0 Adds New Features and Gameplay Content

The full patch notes of Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0 has been revealed, bringing a lot of interesting content. The version is ready to download for all backers, and Cloud Imperium has confirmed its integrity and impact on the stable branch.

Star Citizen is also known as a video game that is in a neverending development cycle. As time goes, the developers are seeking to satisfy new demands of theirs, which are coming in a neverending flow. This patch is luckily here to minimize that and allow the developers a bigger room to breathe.

While the development is still under a heavy load, the developers are vigorously trying to satisfy every single one of the supporters by introducing fresh anticipating content.

Well, this update focuses on the AI combat before all, which is one of the most appreciated mechanics in Star Citizen. Alongside that, the developers aimed to improve VoIP communication with multiple channel support and adds a voice activation button for enhanced communication experience.

When it comes to content, this update brings a new weapon, overhauls the level 5 crimestat mission and more. To check the full patch notes, which are “tiring” to read due to their length, we would suggest you visit the official website.

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